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Recurrence Plot Time Travel Tour

Recurrence Plot #TimeTravel Tour with author/creator of The AfroFuturist Affair Rasheedah Phillips | discussions, readings, tablings at various space-times with other visionaries:

July 12 - Afro Futurism, Sci-Fi and Cultural Myths: A Dialogue Among Visionary Writers @ Harlem Book Fair Urban Arts & Literary Festival

In this dialogue, writers of Afro-Futurism will explore the possibilities and cultural gems within our own “afro-mythology” juxtaposed to a sci-fi landscape and its ensuing cultural implication. Featuring Dja Dja N MedJay (Renpet, N Eternity Reclaimed); Rasheedah Phillips (Recurrence Plot); Cerece Rennie Murphy, (Order of the Seers)

July 26 - Visionary Literature: Two New Indie Books Claim Space  w/ Dismantle Anthology @Bluestockings Bookstore

Presenting Recurrence Plot alongside Thread Makes Blanket Press and writers and editors from Dismantle VONA Anthology for a reading and panel discussion exploring how two small, independent presses in Philadelphia are exploring issues of race, gender, literature, and a better future.

August 2 - RIPEXPO w/ Metropolarity 

The Rhode Island Independent Publishing Expo (RIPExpo) is a summer weekend devoted to small-press and self-published comics, zines and books. 

August 5 - IMPRINT: Independent Publishing Panel

Leeway Foundation presents IMPRINT, a skill share and panel discussion featuring Lillian Dunn of Apiary Magazine, Lovella Calica of Warrior Writers, Marissa Johnson-Valenzuela of Thread Makes Blanket Press and Dismantle Anthology, Rasheedah Phillips of The AfroFuturist Affair and Metropolarity and Dr. Yaba Blay of BLACKprint Press.

August 9 - Reading at Penn Bookstore feat. Alex Smith of Metropolarity/Laser Life/ARKDUST

#DIYtimetravel #RecurrencePlot

For more info, visit our events page at

Recurrence Plot Book Reviews and Interviews

- April 2014 Book of the Month on Black Science Fiction Society!

- Alicia McCalla's Guest Fest: Rasheedah Phillips Discusses her Debut Novel and Black Motherhood
"The novel explores the everyday ways in which we “time travel,” simply by touching and interacting with everyday objects. Objects are artifacts of memory and meaning, storing up energy, energy which is neither created nor destroyed in the larger universe. These artifacts of memory tell events as they actually happen, as they have been experienced, while the history that we read about in books are only subjective representations of what historians believe is crucial to remember. "

- Recurrence Plot Book Review on Futuristically Ancient
"The major linchpin of the book is Phillips’ slippage between reality and fiction. It pervades throughout the entire book as well as in a metafictional sense. Walls between the reader and book seems to break down at several points with the inclusion of chapters of Experimental Time Order interspersed, and especially in one of the later chapters, it seems as if the reader is the one to whom the book addresses." - Reviewed by Aker/Reese Francis

- Recurrence Plot Book Review on Future Fire
"Recurrence Plot achieves the delightful symmetry of being a novel about experiencing time out of sequence, with a main character who has faulty memory and incomplete information, and about the discovery and reading of a self-published, postmodern, pseudoscientific, multimedia and multi-genre, portmanteau book, which is told out of sequence, leaving the reader confused and with incomplete information, and in a portmanteau, postmodern and pseudoscientific style..." - Reviewed by Djibril al-Ayad

Black Tribbles Podcast Feature 

Recurrence Plot (and Other Time Travel Tales) is available for purchase  at:

AfroFuturist Affair


Recurrence Plot

Recurrence Plot Book Trailer by D1L0 DeMiLLe

You can also find an exclusive soundtrack for the novel composed by Moor Mother Goddess at

Other Notes and Transmissions


- Schedule The AfroFuturist Affair for a workshop
with your community organization, classroom, or afterschool program! The AfroFuturist Affair has created and developed a series of afrofuturistic workshops that can be tailored to suit the audience. Our workshops include Quantum Time Capsule and Do-It-Yourself Time Travel workshop series, and Science is Fiction!, Women in the AfroFuture, and Using AfroFuturism to Examine Reality Workshop Series.

-  Looking for interns and volunteers for Summer/Fall 2014! Please email for more information. 

Upcoming Events
7/12 - Harlem Book Fair
7/26 - Bluestockings
8/9 - Penn Bookstore


Save the Date: 4th Annual Charity & Costume Ball
November 8, 2014 | 7pm-12am
Impact Hub Philly

1227 N. 4th Street | Philadelphia, PA

Workshops at Allied Media Conference, Girls Rock Philly, FIGHT Philly, TreeHouse Nonprofit Bookstore
Various dates and locations

The AfroFuturist Affair is a  Philadelphia community formed to celebrate and promote Afrofuturistic and Black sci-fi culture through creative events, community workshops, blogging, and creative writing. All proceeds from our events are used to fund the Futurist Fund Community Grant, a bridge fund for underserved members of the community. The AfroFuturist Affair is also a founding member of, a 215 Speculative Fiction Collective.

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Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Save the Date

2nd Annual Charity & Costume Ball
The Museum of Time

Please join us on November 3, 2012 as we celebrate and bring awareness to AfroFuturistic culture with feature artists, authors, and performers who will present works and creations that use Afrofuturism and Sci-Fi as vehicles for expression, education, agency, and liberation. All proceeds from the event will be donated to the Futurist Fund, a $500 scholarship dedicated to serving the needs of an underserved or marginalized member of the Philadelphia community in need.
We invite you to dress the part of the AfroFuturist by wearing a costume that reflects the AfroFuturist or Sci-fi aesthetic.  

$7 donation in advance and $10 donation at the door.

Donations can be made in advance at, or by contacting

Donation includes 1 drink and light dining. All drinks thereafter will be $1-2 donation. 

All proceeds from the event will be used for the Futurist Fund, a scholarship of $250 each for two members of the Philadelphia community with limited means and resources experiencing a hardship or in need. Application details will be available at on October 1, 2012. 

To Be Announced October 1, 2012

The AfroFuturist Affair is a community formed to celebrate, strengthen, and promote Afrofuturistic and Sci-Fi concepts and culture through creative events and creative writing.  The organization aims to provide a space not only for further dialogue around Afrofuturistic ideas, but a space for actual, practical implementation of these ideas as they serve social progress and freedom.  The AfroFuturist Affair uses Afrofuturism and Sci-Fi as vehicles for expression, creativity, education, agency, and liberation in communities of color. 
We are still seeking vendors, volunteers, and sponsors! If you would like to donate your time or talents to the mission of this event, please contact  

Saturday, September 22, 2012

Laser Life, The AfroFuturist Affair, Locus Moon Comics, and Apiary Magazine have joined forces and smashed atoms together to bring you Metropolarity, a speculative fiction anthology composed of guidelines for surviving the inevitable multiple futures of the Philly metropolis.

Metropolarity is seeking fiction, experimental prose, or multimedia work (including comics) with a science or speculative fiction theme from contributors connected to the Philadelphia community. Work do not have to include Philadelphia as a setting, but should have a Philadelphian perspective or voice. Deadline is 12/12/12 by the Mayan calendar.

Submit @ metropolarity

Monday, August 13, 2012

Call for AfroFuturists

TheAfroFuturist Affair is having its 2nd Charity & Costume Ball this upcomingNovember 2012. Proceeds from the Ball will be used for the Futurist Fund, asmall scholarship awarded to serve the needs of members of under-served communities.We are calling out for AfroFuturists to perform, vend, or display their sci-fi, spec-fic, and Afrofuturistic themedwork and pieces at the Ball.

We arelooking for:
- Authors
- Poets
- Inventors
- Vocalists
- Rappers
- Visualartists
- Liveartists
- Filmmakers
- Dancers
- Designers
- Musicians
- Vendors
- Sponsors
- Volunteers
- Anyother creative type not named above

Thetheme for the Charity & Costume Ball will be the Museum of Time, so we alsoappreciate works that can incorporate this theme, however you interpret it. The Ball is tentatively scheduled forSaturday, November 3, 2012 at a TBD location in Philadelphia.

To share your ideas, talents, and proposed performances for inclusion inthis year’s Charity & Costume Ball, please email afrofuturistaffair@gmail.comby September 10, 2012 with the below info, and “Charity Ball” in the subjectline.

Name or Organization (include title or position):
Contact info (email/phone):
Title of proposed performance/display:
Brief description of proposed performance/display:
If available, attach at least one image or video URL illustratingwhat you do. It can be a past example or a sketch of the proposed idea.
Website (if available):

We’ll review all submissions and get back to you by September 20, 2012,along with the confirmed date and location.

If youare interested in sponsoring, vending, or volunteering, please submit an email We are able to offer promotion andadvertisement space to all sponsors. Vendors will be charged a low registrationfee of $15 dollars.

*Pleasenote that the mission of The AfroFuturist Affair is one of service tostrengthen communities. All proceedsfrom the Charity & Costume Ball will be used to fund a scholarship for anunderserved member of the community in need of assistance. We will likely not be able to compensateperformers for their time (with very limited exceptions); however, this is anopportunity to be a part of an exciting project, meet a lot of other artists,musicians, and performers, and gain exposure to a diverse audience. The showwill be widely advertised and documented, and all artists, authors, andperformers will be treated like the stars that they are.

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Laser Life Feature - July 27 @ A*Space

A reading series dedicated to giving voice to the swirl of diversity that exists in the known and unknown universe, LASER LIFE is a queer empowered reading series that serves as a gateway to the dreaming. At its core, it’s a reading of science and speculative fiction and fantasy, with the intensity of a sweaty, West Philly poetry slam on mind-altering, homemade drugs. Through a hum of chaos, this series takes the othering (read: exoticizing) aspects of our experiences and renders them in lush tapestry, placing at center stage the marginalized and forgotten. Transgendered youth battling storm troopers in dystopian futures. Pan-sexual trolls stealing into the boudoir of African princes. Ghosts of orphans hand-in-hand traversing the multi-verse. What happens when the downtrodden, exploited and ignored are suddenly given the keys to the Millennium Falcon? When those who litter the background of a crowded bazaar become more than just peppering for the scenery of the journey of the so-called every-man?
THE LASER LIFE answers those questions, but also challenges audiences to ask more. Channeling Octavia Butler, Sam Delaney and the dollar bin at the comic book shop, the assembled are some of the most talented writers, both published and unpublished, in the Philadelphia area. As empires fall and our old planet crumbles, these writers are opening portals to theirs—braver, newer and out of this world.


A poet with a flair for spirit-raising drama, her words burn like a bursting corona! A member of the infamous woman-powered rap group Three Times Lady Crew, Shayna will be lacing us with the timeless score to our cosmic lives. “About making dreams come true.....about organizing people's talents and strengths into a force to be reckoned with.....about healing, transformation & self-discovery......about something bigger than myself”


The curator for Afrofuturist Affair, Rasheedah is the queen of a burgeoning community of Philadelphians intent on calling forth the divine powers of afrofuture! With the power of astral myth at her command, her words embodied the spirit of Octavia Butler meditating with Geordi LaForge. “AfroFuturism is a literary, artistic and cultural aesthetic that considers Blackness as it looks and is defined in the future, examines science fiction, historical fiction, fantasy, and magic as it critiques the present-day situations of people of color, explores the implications of technology on Black art and literature, and interrogates historical events involving Blacks across the diaspora”

Telling the tale of a Papya King, the twins, and the Cyborg, as they throw dice and turn hourglass to travel through past, present and future; witnessing the endurement of time. Encompassed in an afro-fabulist style of storytelling - where if enough people believe, truth is born.

And don’t forget your featured readers Alex Smith, Shane Jenkins ( and Maggie Eighteen (

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Wine, Spirit, & Mind

AfroFuturist Affair and Charlyn Magdaline Present:

Wine, Spirit, & Mind:

An Evening of Exploration and Examination of
The Inner and Outer Reaches of the Multiverse

Join us for an evening of discussion and practice of ancient and New Age ways of knowing, divination and forecasting based on the arts and sciences of astrology, astronomy, metaphysics and mythology, partnered with a multi-sensory wine and dessert tasting.

Intuitive Spiritual advisors and readers will bring insight to the conversation and will be offering readings after the discussion. Readers and advisors will offers services starting at $5.

Sanctuary Wholistic Arts
2737 Cambridge Street
North Philadelphia | Brewerytown

Featuring visual art from gallery show
Visual Art from Joshua Mays

Readings by
Misty Sol
Charlyn Magdaline

Featuring presentations by
The Escape Artist Initiative feat. Li Sumpter
Griot Works feat. Jos Duncan

||||| also announcing |||||
The Afrofuturist Affair Web Launch

Featuring Dessert by
Jamila Hadiyah

Admission: $10 donation, with dessert and wine included

Sanctuary wholistic a place for personal contemplation and community interaction.

The AfroFuturist Affair is a community formed to celebrate, strengthen, and promote Afrofuturistic culture and aesthetic and Black sci-fi through creative events and creative writing.

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Guest Fest: Using Afrofuturism to Re-Examine Our Past

Guest Fest: Using Afrofuturism to Re-Examine Our Past By Rasheedah Phillips:

Check out my guest spot on the blog of Science Fiction Author Alicia McCalla, where I give my thoughts on Afrofuturism, the novel Kindred, and time travel

Friday, February 17, 2012

AfroFuturism: A Perfomative Lecture

GriotWorks, Misty Sol, Sanctuary Wholistic Arts, and The AfroFuturist Affair Present:

AfroFuturism: A Performative Lecture

AfroFuturism: A Performative Lecture
will feature six women moderator and panelists who will demonstrate and discuss how their creative work and advocacy work incorporate AfroFuturistic elements, and how they will continue to use AfroFuturism as a tool and mode of expression in future projects.

The panelists and moderator will explore the ways in which AfroFuturism as a culture has emerged to render a portrait of the collective history, the present events, and the future prospects of people of color, where heretofore our stories have been skewed, misrepresented, and diminished in the mainstream social narrative. The panelists will sample from the visual, sensual, and literary pallets of science fiction, historical fiction, fantasy, horror, and magic, to consider what Blackness means throughout space and time, across the world and through the universe, and what our collective roles will be in shaping the eternally-unfolding future of humanity.

Featured Panelists and Topics include:

Rasheedah Phillips - Rasheedah Phillips, an attorney at a non-profit legal organization, is the creator of the AfroFuturist Affair, a community formed to celebrate, strengthen, and promote Afrofuturistic culture and aesthetic and Black sci-fi through creative events and creative writing. She is currently working on completing her first spec-fic novel, Recurrence Plot. Rasheedah has also had a short fiction piece published in an anthology titled “Growing Up Girl” (edited by Michelle Sewell), and inspirational essays published in Sister to Sister: Black Women Speak to Young Black Women (edited by Beth Johnson) and “Professor May I Bring My Baby to Class” (edited by Sherrill Mosee). Rasheedah will be presenting on Afrofuturism, Black Science Fiction, and memory as a time machine.

Cheryl Durgans - Visual artist and writer Cheryl Durgans plans to briefly outline her interest in the merging of the creative process and Afrofuturist theory, and have an excerpt of her novel read by poet Nina “Lyrispect” Ball. Durgans interest as a writer is based upon her interest in physical and abstract movement as it pertains to survival, and the ever evolving and changing identity of African culture in the Diaspora. Titled Cosmic Comic Book Visions of a Lost and Found Girl in a Grown-ass Woman: Memoir of the Universe, Durgans’ evolving graphic novel examines the concept of identity in the past, present and future. The book tells the story of Universe, formed by God to create all things. God has informed Universe that humans are messing up everything, that if Universe can’t get a handle on her creations, the humans will be destroyed.

Jos Duncan - Jos Duncan is a storyteller and media maker who focuses on using fantasy, futurism and fable in her oral and digital narratives as a means for progressive thought about people of the African Diaspora. Her work includes the writing and producing a series of Urban Fantasy and Superhero plays for children and the recent production of Village: An AfroFuturistic Fable. Jos will share her methods in creating work as a tool for community building and social change. Please visit Jos at

Misty Sol - Misty Sol is an interdisciplinary artist whose practice blurs the lines between art, scholarship, education and mysticism. Her poems, songs, stories, plays, workshops, pictures and sacred objects combine to create an afrofuturist gumbo that smells a lot like dreaming out loud. Misty's stories have been published in an anthology of young adult literature titled, From Where We Sit. Her latest work for the stage, American Nigga Zoo investigates the relationship between spectacle, captivity and racism. Most recently her work has taken the form of illustration for a children's book, Little Myrtle, available in Spring 2012. You can find more of Misty Sol's work at

Charlyn Magdeline - Charlyn Magdaline is an interdisciplinary artist, healer and a mother of 3. Her work is allegorical and as she responds to the highly nuanced social issues|constructs that impact us she means to practice her greatest art; alchemy. To articulate and challenge cultural values and perceptions when necessary, and to relay messages of social justice through fostering dialogue among her diverse following, she often uses her own body as a canvas and focal point of her art. Charlyn's lecture will focus on the concept of creation "myth"|cosmology and will incorporate the reproduction process (birth of a human) partnered with the development of a human body/mind/spirit based on what they experience.

Panel Moderator:

Li Sumpter - Currently a doctoral student in Mythological Studies and Depth Psychology at Pacifica Graduate Institute, Sumpter’s research applies archetypal, aesthetic and quantum theories toward understanding humankind’s existential condition in the 21st century. She believes our future trajectory through the multi-verse is fundamentally shaped by collective participation in a mythic paradigm that supports a corresponding reality. In her dissertation, Apocalyptic Soul: Seeing through Image in the Age of End Time, Sumpter examines the impact of apocalyptic art and media on psyche and the phenomenological world.

Afrofuturism: A Performative Lecture will be held on March 24, 2012 from 2pm to 5pm at Sanctuary Wholistic Art Gallery, located at 319 N. 11th St. Philadelphia, PA (entrance on Wood Street). Suggested donation is $5-10. Refreshments will be available.

Please spread the word and post this event to your networks.

Monday, February 13, 2012

The State of Black Science Fiction 2012: I Heart The AfroFuturist Affair! - Post 5

The first sci-fi-themed event I ever threw was a house party with a futuristic theme. It was a few months after my graduation from law school, and I had recently moved into a duplex in Germantown (Philly). After moving in, I quickly became good friends with my neighbors, who were my age and who lived in the apartment below me. In celebration of a new year, we decided to combine our apartments to throw the best house party ever. It was called the 3009 Black and Silver Tie Masquerade Ball: A Futuristic Affair (two guesses as to who came up with the name!), and each floor had a different theme. Floor One (my neighbors’ apartment) held The Rock Star Lounge, Photo Booth and Rock Star Dining and Bar. Floor Two (my apartment) boasted a Masquerade Ball and Arabian Nights Hookah Bar. It was held on the future date of 1/3009. For the party, I decorated my apartment with spaceship stickers, silver balloons, and neon lights to give one the feel of being inside a spaceship. The dress code for our Masquerade Ball was silver, black, and blue, and our guests obliged in the most creative ways. The futuristic night ended up being memorable and magical and all around awesome.

What I know now but didn’t know then is that the 3009 Masquerade Ball, a fun, futuristic spin on a New Year’s Eve party that I threw with some friends in my party girl days, would serve as a precursor, a glimpse into what would later become The AfroFuturist Affair (and I am just now noticing, as I write this blog entry, just how similar the names are!).

Later that year, settled into my career and with free time on my hands, I set my focus back on rekindling my old flame with writing sci-fi. In the evenings and on lunchbreaks, I would take creative writing classes at the local community college, and would visit PhilCon meetings and conventions. I was soon reminded of my childhood loneliness, being the only black girl in the room who liked scifi. Wanting to combat that loneliness, I bounced around ideas in my head for throwing an event that would bring Black scifi nerds out of hiding, including thoughts of another sci-fi house party or a sci-fi open mic for writers. None of the ideas were really feasible at the time, but as is the way of things, the Universe responded rapidly to my intentions and interests, connecting me with people, networks, and resources that would eventually allow me to fulfill my goals.

Several synchronicities and fruitful connections later, I was poking around on the Black Science Fiction Society site and saw an invite for an Afrofuturism Exhibit at the Harriet Tubman Museum in Macon, Georgia. I remember how I was so fascinated by the idea of the exhibit, so inspired by the artists who were a part of the showcase, and so vexed that it was all the way in Georgia and I was all the way in Philly. It took a couple of more longing looks at the invite before my train of thought finally dropped me off at the right destination: "Damn, there's no way I can make it down to Georgia for this...hey... wait ... why dont I just organize an afrofuturistic event here!"

And so evolved The AfroFuturist Affair: A Costume and Charity Ball. The event allowed me the opportunity to get together in one room all of the energies of artists, authors, musicians, and performers of color who purposely create with science fiction and afrofuturistic themes and mediums. The event featured the afrofuturistic works of sci-fi and spec-fic Authors Nicole Sconiers (author of Escape from Beckyville: Tales of Race, Hair, and Rage) and Dja Dja Medjay (author of Renpet), two bands, several spoken word artists, two visual artists, a costume photoshoot by The L. Park Project and photographer DiLo DeMille, a DJ, an engineer, and a fashion designer (for additional artist bios, please visit The AfroFuturist Affair tumblr archive). Held in the Windows Factory arts warehouse in the Philadelphia Printworks studio, the Ball was a masterpiece of flashing lights, live art, afrofuturistic visual and audio stimulants, near-future visions, and swirling tunes of jazz, funk, hiphop, Afropop, and psychedelic. The Ball attendees wore costumes, which allowed them to explore their own futurist identities and abilities to invoke the afrofuture. All proceeds of the event were donated to Need In Deed (NID), a non-profit organization dedicated to helping children apply academics in service learning project that address problems in their communities and schools.

The artists at the AfroFuturist Affair were diverse in their theories, topics, and modes of expression, but all of their work held a common afrofuturistic elements - paying homage to our histories, commenting on our present state, and envisioning our futures as people of color. It was such a beautiful experience to be around so many people of colors who shared a mutual affinity for sci-fi and futurism. It was refreshing to build with futurists who actively work to ensure that we remain present in these genres.

I am very humbled and honored to have been able to create such an event and to have others participate and share their energy, vision, and creativity. I plan to continue holding creative events under The AfroFuturist Affair, and I hope to have many Black spec-fic and sci-fi creators (authors, illustrators, readers, and enthusiasts) join me in celebrating the manifestation of our futures and the remembrance of our pasts. And I know that I hold these events in good company with my sci-fi and spec fic kin all around the country who are creating, hosting, and holding panels, exhibits, galleries, conferences, and conventions in the name of AfroFuturism and Multi-cultural Spec/Sci-Fi. These events are becoming ever more frequent and visible, which means that The State of Black Science Fiction in 2012 is positively evolving into a force to be reckoned with! One such event in the Atlanta area is The State of Black Science Fiction 2012 panel at GA Tech, featuring several authors from the blog hop! Check it out if you are in the Atlanta area.

I look forward to your comments and experiences! Talk to me about your favorite sci-fi or spec-fic event, especially for a chance to win a $15 Amazon gift card, autographed copy of a book I was featured in, and a surprise gift to be announced. Then hop around to the blogs of the other participating authors to hear about some of their favorite Black sci-fi/spec-fic events.

Winston Blakely, Artist/Writer — is a Fine Arts/Comic Book artist, having a career spanning 20 years, whose achievements have included working for Valiant Comics and Rich Buckler’s Visage Studios. He is also the creator of Little Miss Strange, the world’s first black alien sorceress and the all-genre anthology entitled Immortal Fantasy. Both graphic albums are available at Amazon, Barnes and Nobles and other online book store outlets. Visit him at : or

L. M. Davis, Author — began her love affair with fantasy in the second grade. Her first novel, Interlopers: A Shifters Novel, was released in 2010, and the follow-up Posers: A Shifters Novel will be released this spring. For more information visit her blog or her website

Milton Davis, Author — Milton Davis is owner/publisher of MVmedia, LLC . As an author he specializes in science fiction and fantasy and is the author of Meji Book One, Meji Book Two and Changa’s Safari. Visit him at: and

Ja Ja (DjaDja) N Medjay, Author - DjaDja Medjay is the author of The Renpet Sci-Fi Series. Shiatsu Practitioner. Holistic AfroFuturistic Rising in Excellence. Transmissions from The Future Earth can be found at: Renpet Scifi or on Facebook or on Twitter @Khonsugo.

Margaret Fieland, Author — lives and writes in the suburbs west of Boston, MA with her partner and five dogs. She is one of the Poetic Muselings. Their poetry anthology, Lifelines is available from Her book, Relocated, will be available from MuseItUp Publishing in July, 2012. The Angry Little Boy will be published by 4RV publishing in early 2013. You may visit her website,

Valjeanne Jeffers, Author — is an editor and the author of the SF/fantasy novels: Immortal, Immortal II: The Time of Legend and Immortal III: Stealer of Souls. Her fourth and fifth novels: Immortal IV: Collision of Worlds and The Switch: Clockwork will be released this spring. Visit her at: and

Thaddeus Howze, Author is a veteran of the IT and Communications industry with over 26 years of experience retooling computers to best serve human needs. Unknown to humanity, our computers have another agenda. Thaddeus recently released his first collection of short stories, Hayward Reach. In a coded format, he has secretly informed Humanity of the impending computerized apocalypse. You can read parts of the code here: or

Alicia McCalla, Author — writes for both young adults and adults with her brand of multicultural science fiction, urban fantasy and futurism. Her debut novel, Breaking Free will be available February 1, 2012. The Breaking Free theme song created by Asante McCalla is available for immediate download on iTunes and Amazon. Visit her at:

Carole McDonnell, Author — writes Christian, speculative fiction, and multicultural stories. Her first novel is Wind Follower. Her short fiction has appeared in many anthologies and have been collected in an ebook, Spirit Fruit: Collected Speculative Fiction. Visit Carole: or

Balogun Ojetade, Author— of the bestselling Afrikan Martial Arts: Discovering the Warrior Within (non-fiction), Moses: The Chronicles of Harriet Tubman (Steampunk) and the feature film, A Single Link. Visit him at:

Rasheedah Phillips, Author is the creator of The AfroFuturist Affair in Philly. She plans to debut her first spec/sci-fic novel Recurrence Plot in Spring 2012. You may catch her ruminating from time to time on her blog,

Nicole Sconiers, Author — is an author and screenwriter living in the sunny jungle of L.A. She holds an MFA in creative writing from Antioch University Los Angeles, and she recently published Escape from Beckyville: Tales of Race, Hair and Rage. Visit her at: and

Jarvis Sheffield, M.Ed. — is owner and operator of, and Visit him at: